Does Your House Need an Air Purifier for Dust?

by Qiana E.

Air is indeed becoming one of the principal mediums of transferring diseases as compared to other means. Clog air or humidity will give allergies and other diseases like tuberculosis, whooping cough, and recently COVID 19. To this effect, the invention of air purifiers for dust has been a great relief to the globe. It is better to prevent than to cure. One way of preventing this is to have an air purifier for dust in your house. If you doubt the benefits accrued to having an air purifier for dust in your living room, read on to broaden your knowledge horizons.

Reduces Chances of Airborne Diseases

You are likely to get the common cold or flu if you get exposed to the causer pathogens of these diseases. These pathogens are very tiny and light; hence can easily be carried by air around. Breathing or sharing air in a closed room with an infected person increases the chance of spreading the flu at a very fast rate. Air purifiers for dust have special HEPA filters, which are medically graded. These filters eliminate all pathogens in circulation and any viruses, making the air safe to breathe.

Elimination of Hazardous Asbestos Particles

If you live in a house whose roofing is made from asbestos, you are likely to be exposed to tiny particles from the asbestos materials. The asbestos particles also can cause allergies to your face and throat. You might notice swelling of your neck or even experience difficulty in swallowing meals. An air purifier for dust is meant to eliminate the asbestos particles using HEPA filters.

Unpleasant Oduors

Your house is likely to have unpleasant odours from either cooking gas, i.e. LPG. Having gasoline or any other type of chemical in your house may cause unpleasant odours in the house. Air purifiers for dust are known for neutralizing these odours and breathing fresh air in the house. You don’t have to worry anymore because of repainting your house or fumigating your house. All you need is an air purifier for the dust to clear your worries.

Harmful Chemicals

If you think that you are safe from harmful chemicals by closing your windows and doors, you are wrong. With the increase in manufacturing factories, motor vehicles and other gadgets that give out carbon monoxide and carbon oxide, you still are at risk. It is so likely that a small percentage of your indoor air is contaminated from sulphur dioxide from your car exhaust fumes. These fumes are always present in your indoors, even if your doors and windows are shut. Activated carbon films are best adopted to clean out and neutralize these chemicals. 

If you want to avoid neural disorders that might result from these chemicals, you should go for an air purifier for dust.


Even though air purifiers come in hand with a lot of benefits, they also come along with a fair share of shortcomings. You may need to look out for the shortcomings of gadgets from customer reviews or through real-time experience.

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