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Your bathroom is an essential part of your daily routine, and this is why it requires utmost priority. Asides aesthetics and appeal, the functionality should also be significantly considered while choosing the components to feature in your bathroom space. One of the essential components of any bathroom is the wash basin that serves many purposes.

Many people consider the wash basin as an essential feature of the bathroom as it’s always in use. Bathroom basins are often the center of attraction in the bathroom, and it takes a lot of meticulous arrangements to ensure it stays so. The basin sets the tone for every other feature in the bathroom, and its elegance is never in doubt. This article looks at some of those factors that contribute to the functionality of the bathroom basin.

Bathroom basin type

One of the critical elements of the bathroom basin is the mode of installation. It could either be hung on the wall or fitted with furniture on the floor. It’s safe to say that both approaches have their uniqueness, and your space should determine your final choice. Wall hung basins are installed by directly attaching the sink to the wall with the aid of screws. These basins are quite suitable for small spaces due to the level of convenience they afford to users. Wall hung basins also offer much in terms of aesthetics as the basin blends seamlessly with the bathroom walls. Pedestal basins offer a more elegant approach as you can fit stylish drawers underneath your basin. Other forms of bathroom basin include; freestanding basins, under-mount basins, and above counter basins.

Tap opening

Another factor influencing the functionality of the bathroom basin is whether or not to install a tap on the basin. While many basin manufacturers install a tap opening on their product, others leave the choice. A variety of factors determine the installation location, one of such factors being the plumbing arrangement of the bathroom. When the tap is not installed on the basin outright, it could be installed in the wall right above the basin’s surface. You could decide to have the tap installed at the center or corner of the basin, depending on your preference.

Bathroom basin shape

The basin comes in a wide variety of shapes; oval, square, circular, and rectangular. Asides the fact these shapes determine how well the basin fits the bathroom; they also affect the ease of use. You’d do so well to ensure that the basin you opt for allows you to carry out all the needed tasks seamlessly. The shape also goes a long way in determining the accessibility of the bathroom basin for cleaning purposes.

Final Thought

In terms of choosing the right bathroom basin for you, appeal and aesthetics are secondary to ease. This article details some of the useful factors that constitute the ease of use of the bathroom basin.

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