Tips For Installing A Retractable Hose Reel

by Qiana E.

Every homeowner or gardener needs to own a retractable garden hose reel. This product’s role is to resolve the issue of unkinking and recoiling your garden hose each time you want to use it. Retractable garden hose reels come with a locking mechanism that prevents the hose from unravelling. It generally makes using your garden hose easier and more efficient. Learn more about these products here. In this post, we discuss the installation of retractable hose reels.

Installing a retractable hose reel

Below is a guide for installing a retractable hose reel

1. Mount it on a mounting plate

The first step is mounting the hose reel on a mounting plate. Using a mounting plate is a better choice than mounting the reel directly to studs or joints. A mounting plate of 2×10 would be an ideal choice. You can also use a rafter. These two devices will distribute tension evenly when pulling on the garden hose. Some brands of retractable hose reels come with mounts. In this case, you will need to connect the mounting plate to your wall’s interior boards. Doing this will make sure your wall can hold the weight of the reel.

2. Attach the reel

The next step is to attach the reel. The method of attaching the reel depends on the type and brand. However, the reel’s conventional attaching method is positioning it on the mounting plate’s brackets, hanging the hose then fastening it down. Depending on the brand, the mounting brackets may feature adjustable arms. You can use the arms to control the reel’s positioning. If your mounting brackets do not have these arms, you have to do this manually.

3. Install the reel

Naturally, garden hose reels are installed by screwing the female end to the connector. However, there are a few garden hose reels that may require special clamps or brackets for installation.

4. Feeding the hose into the reel

Once you have installed it on the wall, you need to take your garden hose and feed it through the reel’s opening. While doing this, you need to ensure you create a large loop to attach the hose to the water source. The loop will also keep the hose from getting kinks. The next step is to feed the spring into the hose through the opening on the reel. From here, all you need to do is to attach the hose to the water source and keep the loop large and accessible.

The entire installation procedure can get broken down into the following simple steps;

  • Connecting the reel to the wall
  • Lining the hose inside the reel
  • Closing the frame
  • Protecting the hose from external conditions like the weather

Benefits of installing a retractable hose reel

  • It helps save space
  • It helps protect your garden hose
  • It helps you save time and effort every time you have to use your hose


Note that the installation procedure for retractable garden hose reels may differ significantly from one brand or manufacturer to the next. The tools you need for the process may also vary. Some brands do not require any tools, while others require you to have assorted screwdrivers and wrenches, among other tools.

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